Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today was our visit to Monaco....the second smallest independent state in Europe.  Monaco has been ruled but the Grimaldi family for over the past 700 years.  The most famous resident of Monaco, to US citizens, was Oscar winning movie actress Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco.

Monaco, and Monte Carlo are some of the wealthiest locations on earth.

The weather cooperated today with plenty of sunshine.  There were some overcast skies in Monaco, but a beautiful day overall.  We started our day with a 3 hour drive from Ameglia, Italy to Monaco.  A few hours in the gorgeous country and then off to Cannes, home of the renowned international film festival.....the Palm D'or....a few hours there and then a nice dinner in Cannes.  After the very full day we checked into our hotel and tomorrow a full day in Nice, France including a hike to the top of the rock in Nice.

Everyone is having such a great time!

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