Thursday, April 24, 2014

and tomorrow we fly.......!

Adios a Barcelona!

Today was our final day in Barcelona....A full trip with a ton of weary, but well-travelled bunch of  students (and adults).  Today our day began with a bit of a sleep in and a little later start than normal. and we were off to the top of the stairs at the arts museum (originally built for the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona).  An amazing view and great opportunity for a group shot.  After that, we ventured on to La Rambla (we explored some of it yesterday, and the reminder today).  Half way down La Rambla, we proceeded into the Barrio Gotica (Gothic Neighborhood).  A great area of shops and awesome architecture.   We reconvened and proceeded onto the waterfront where we spent some time exploring the beautiful day and scenery of the second largest port in Europe.  After that we proceeded back up La Rambla to a tapas dinner.........

Weary and bedraggled, we took the subway back to the hotel.

Along with chaperones Joe & Lynn Bonaldo, we cannot be more grateful for your trust and your kids.   Never a problem, and never a worry.


Looking forward to a tour in 2 years to London & Paris!

Taking home many souvenirs, pictures and happy memories.

With sincerity & thanks,

Mrs. Maher & Sean

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